Our Mission
Mission Statement

The GREAT LAKES CONSORTIUM for International Training and Development (the "Consortium", a program of WSOS), was established by Bowling Green State University, Lourdes University, the University of Toledo and WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc. in 1999. WSOS is the designated Consortium Manager and Contract Agent, which is a nonprofit organization. The mission of the Consortium is to initiate, seek support for and coordinate international training and development efforts linking and enhancing capacity and resources with needs in the world community.


Principles and Objectives

In pursuit of its mission and its projects, the Consortium shall endeavor to promote the following general principles and/or approaches:

  • Cooperation and collaboration by and between Consortium members and any of its partners
  • Recognition of the needs of urban and rural development and training needs
  • Sensitivity to cultural, ethnic and national diversity
  • Multi-national relationships and participation
  • Multi-disciplinary approaches and participation
  • Development and promotion of sustainable and replicable programs and projects
  • Development of permanent long-term relationships and projects with potential for economic, cultural, humanitarian, educational and medical/scientific partnerships
  • Development of a permanent cooperative network or association of partner organizations, institutions and individuals who have a demonstrable interest in and capacity for international development and training, focusing where possible on Northwest Ohio partners
  • Development of financial support, grants, and resources, public and private, profit and non-profit, which support the mission of the Consortium
  • Maximization and leverage of the collective resources of Consortium members and its partners
  • Fiscal and program planning, evaluation and accountability

Dr. Penny Poplin Gosetti, Vice Provost,  The University of Toledo

Dr. Geoffrey Howes, Professor Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green)

Dr. Kimberly Grieve, Dean of Students Lourdes University (Sylvania)

Neal McCabe, President/CEO, WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc. (Fremont)

Debra Martin, Vice President, WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc. (Fremont)

Karl Gingrich, GLC Tanzania Projects Advisor (Findlay)

Genevieve Geha Kirkbride, Liason to TSCI (Perrysburg)

Dr. Susan Orosz, Owner of  Bird and Exotic Pet Wellness Center (Curtice)

Virginia Schlicher, President, Bergman Safety Spanner Co. and President of PPSEAWA USA Chapter (Northwood)

Teresa Smith, Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority (Toledo)

Additional Advisors:

Martin Nagy, Executive Director of Arts Council Lake Erie West - International Consultant on Arts

Ronald Overmyer - International Consultant on Agricultural Business Development


Allen R. Baldwin, Consortium Lead (Bowling Green)

Dr. Elizabeth Balint, Project Manager (Toledo)