International Humanitarian Projects

The Great Lakes Consortium (GLC) is actively involved in assisting humanitarian projects related to its international activities in several countries: Afghanistan, Ukraine, Hungary, Tanzania, and Russia. While our support is very valuable to the people in need, our humanitarian work also strengthens our community, creating friendship ties and serving as a good model for the younger generation.

Please support our effort and call us at 419-530-8572 if you would like to help!


In November 2007,  GLC received a small grant of $500.00 from the African Studies Association of Rudgers University to co-pay the shipping expenses of books to the Tanga Library which serves daily about 350 readers. The City of Tanga is the Sister City of Toledo since 2001 and has about 250,000 inhabitants. The Library's Business Center was created based on a Toledo model that past GLC program participants learned about during their visit in the U.S. Earlier GLC contributed two computers and money to purchase furniture but on these library shelves there were very few English books to help students, teachers, community leaders who were interested in business and related fields.


In May 2008, we sent a total of 24 cartons through the American Baggage, Inc. a discount shipping company from Detroit. As a result of the better shipping arrangement we were able to send 1,200 books, instead of the originally estimated 250 books.  In addition to the business books we were able to send children books that help not only the children to improve their English reading skills, but also young adults and teachers who wanted to improve their vocabulary and those were also very much needed in the Tanga Library. The books arrived in Tanga in October 2008.


During this project we worked with Joseph Maginga, the leader of the Tanga Library and Charles Hozza, Director of Tanga Chamber of Commerce and Coordinator of the GLC Alumni Programs in Tanga. We appreciate Mr. Hozza's assistance during the entire project, his reporting on their cost-share related to this local shipping and customs clearance expenses within Tanzania and the photos when the books arrived in the Library.  


Thank you for the support to our community partners who donated the books: The University of Toledo, American Association of University Women Toledo Chapter, Business Teachers Association of Ohio, several publishers who participated at the Business Teachers Conference in Toledo in the Fall of 2007 and others from NW Ohio. Additional expenses related to the project were covered by GLC fundraising activities.



Books to Lebanon

The Great Lakes Consortium launched a book collection campaign for Lebanese women interested in politics, government, leadership, and the non-profit sector.We are also looking for a volunteer librarian who would like to help us organize the 300 volume library, assist in further collection and in the preparation of the shipment.

Please call us if you would like to help!

Kit Donations to Families in Ukraine

The Consortium has been closely cooperating with the Aid Association of Lutherans (AAL) of Northwest Ohio, led by Mary Kohn, on planning and supporting an international goodwill effort to Ukraine. On March 24, 2000 supporters prepared 150 kits for Ukrainian families, filled with various useful items and a greeting card in Ukrainian from The Anastasia Fund and the AAL.

The donation will be shipped to Burtyn with the support of The Anastasia Fund.

Learning about the United States
In Spring 2000, several Ohio schools will be collecting books and educational materials for those Hungarian and Ukrainian schools, which participate in the Institute for Democratic Exchange, the Consortium’s educational project. The donation will be shipped to our partner institutions (Ostroh Academy, Ukraine and Juhász Gyula Teachers Training College, Hungary), enabling students to deepen their knowledge about the United States, improve their language skills, and enjoy some artwork from our students.
Make a Difference Day

The Great Lakes Consortium has been involved in different school activities and scouting programs throughout Northwest Ohio, aiming to help people in Ukraine and to provide educational enrichment to local students.

Thanks to joint efforts of Sherryann Franks, teachers, students and their parents, last year’s "Make a Difference Day" became a real success for the Wauseon Elm Street Elementary School. Two truckloads of clothes and school supplies have been collected and donated to The Anastasia Fund to be sent to Ukraine.

Supporting Orphans
In support of the goodwill efforts for Csongrad County, Hungary, the Consortium has decided to sponsor the 1999 Angel Tree Christmas gift giving program of the Toledo-Szeged Committee. The project, which was led by Elizabeth Bálint and Diane Ardner, sent gifts from Northwest Ohio to more than one hundred orphan children, living in group-homes. The children were especially happy because most of them have never received a gift from the United States. GLC will continue to sponsor similar projects this year, also including the orphans from Veszprém County. If you are interested to donate a gift, please call Elizabeth Bálint at (419) 866-5101.
Camera for Burtyn, Ukraine
The Consortium donated a photo-camera to the Humanitarian Committee of Burtyn village in Ukraine. We hope to receive photos about life in the village, the school, and the activities related to the educational exchange programs with Ohio and Hungarian schools. We also would like to see the variety of items prepared by the members of the newly formed Sewing Club of the village and help them to market their products.