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Modern Technology Connects Schools Across the Globe

For many Summer Institute participants, communication through a computer and the Internet has been an unknown experience. While in September 1999 there have been several participating teachers in Ohio with no Internet access, the first six months of the school year brought significant progress in this regard.

Information technology has also made a swift advance in Eastern Europe. A Hungarian school in the village of Asotthalom and #15 School in Rivne, Ukraine have created their own web page, featuring their international cooperation and partners in the framework of the Institute. A classroom at Eastlake Middle School from Willoughby, Cleveland area created its own web-site, inspired by their peers in Hungary and Ukraine.

Tom Csizek is presenting U.S. Representative Marcy Kaptur with a CD from Birmingham Elementary School, capturing their visit at the Toledo Zoo

Many interesting ideas could come to fruition in our project thanks to the use of modern technology. For instance, Birmingham Elementary School made a CD about their visit at the Zoo that could be used by all participating schools for educational purposes. Ohio teachers have been very creative and eager to learn more about computers, so that this international project could increasingly benefit from the use of technology. Bowling Green Junior High School teacher Ronda Durney only sent a special electronic greeting card, creating an attraction in Ukraine. As Iryna Pukhas from Rivne School 15 writes, "I have just finished to listen to your sound greeting card. You can not believe how impressed I am! And all the English teachers of our school too. That's great! We are very thankful to you for this small pleasure."

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Communications Assistance to Participating Schools

E-mail connection has been crucial for the success of the project, considering the importance of regular communication in sustaining the interest in the cooperation. While communication via the Internet is nowadays taken for granted in the United States, the implementation of this technology is still a scarce privilege for schools in Ukraine.

The Ostroh Academy provides great assistance for participating schools with no computer access, forwarding their faxed or mailed messages through their Internet connection to their Hungarian and American partners. In addition, Tamara Zykova in Kyiv and Olena Franchuk from Rivne School 15 have also given valuable support to teachers, helping them improve their communication with partnering schools. In Ukraine it was more difficult to arrange meetings with all the participants regularly, but Dr. Vasyl Zhykovsky managed some regional meetings within Ukraine to monitor the progress of the schools.

In Hungary, participating teachers have been meeting bi-monthly with Edina Szöllösi, regional coordinator, to discuss the development of the project and further steps to be taken. In February 2000 they also had the chance to meet with Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur and Elizabeth Balint visiting Szeged to discuss successes and problems with the international cooperation.

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Institute Related School Web-Sites

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